High performance fabrics of Patapum Nappies make it Absorbent, Breathable, Waterproof and keeps baby’s skin dry.
One Size Pocket Nappy.
Snap buttons Closure.
Two absorbent pads included.

Good for the environment!
Reduce your family’s waste and carbon footprint by;
Washing nappies every two days or full loads.
Line drying outside whenever possible.
Tumble drying as little as possible.
Reusing nappies on other children.

Nappy Materials:
Outer layer: PUL ,Polyurethane Laminate.
Inner layer: Micro fleece 100% polyester.
Absorbent pads: Microfiber, 75% polyester 25% polyamide.
Snaps: Polyacetal resin.
Simple to use.
Insert absorbent pad into nappy opening and fasten nappy onto baby.